Gandhi Jayanthi-Kannada



This Book has two Plays

Gandhi Jayanthi :


This is a political and philosophical master piece from Vizai Bhaskar.  He starts the play with a myth the Hindu belief that people will be tried after death for their sins committed while they were alive.  Using the belief, he brings back Gandhi, the father of the Nation to India to witness the present state of affairs in the country for the liberty and Independence of which he struggled and sacrificed his life.

What happens if he comes back? What happened, we can see throughout the play. In this imaginative play, the rot in the political system after independence has been thoroughly exposed.  The leaders will stoop down to the level of marketing Gandhiji’s image and reputation.  The same gang of leaders who sings hosannahs and empty platitudes for Mahatma Gandhi will not hesitate to send him to gallows.

The conclusion of the play was drafted like a poem and inspires everyone to introspect.  The play was also largely acclaimed by the audience and the leaders of all the parties  have watched the drama.

Two former Governors of Andhra Pradesh namely Sri Rangarajan and Sri N.D. Tiwari witnessed the play at different times and appreciated the writer.

It has been translated into English by the writer and got translated into Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi and Oriya.

A festival has been conducted in Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad from 29th to 31st October, 2007 where in Gandhi Jayanthi has been performed in five languages i.e. English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam.


This is another didactic play from Vizai Bhaskar which embraces both the present society and traditional beliefs.

A Minister who knows no limits to corruption, suddenly, encounters the stark  realities of life. ‘Death’ which comes to take away his life makes him understand the evil designs of his wife and his son to put an end to his life and eventually unmasking their true nature.  On his request ‘Death’ extends his life span by three months.

The Minister turns good and benevolent.  He gives away all his wealth earned by illegal means to the people. The family members fail to understand why he behaves like that, on the other hand they come to a conclusion that his honesty was just a pretention and that he has actually been giving away all the unlawful earning to his second wife.  Inspite of so much criticism both in an out his family, he strictly adheres to honesty and leads a pure life.

After completion of the extended life of three months, he awaits death. Death comes, but blesses him with long life, because the country needs honest politicians like him.

The play bagged Nandi award during 2003 and great applause wherever it was performed.  The play has translated into Tamil by Dr. Satyavani and Bengali by Prathik Dutta and Manipuri by Arun Yumkhaibam.


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