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This Book has 2 Dramas

1. Minister:   

This is another didactic play from Vizai Bhaskar which embraces both the present society and traditional beliefs.

A Minister who knows no limits to corruption, suddenly, encounters the stark  realities of life. ‘Death’ which comes to take away his life makes him understand the evil designs of his wife and his son to put an end to his life and eventually unmasking their true nature.  On his request ‘Death’ extends his life span by three months.


The Minister turns good and benevolent.  He gives away all his wealth earned by illegal means to the people. The family members fail to understand why he behaves like that, on the other hand they come to a conclusion that his honesty was just a pretention and that he has actually been giving away all the unlawful earning to his second wife.  Inspite of so much criticism both in an out his family, he strictly adheres to honesty and leads a pure life.


After completion of the extended life of three months, he awaits death. Death comes, but blesses him with long life, because the country needs honest politicians like him.


The play bagged Nandi award during 2003 and great applause wherever it was performed.  The play has translated into Tamil by Dr. Satyavani and Bengali by Prathik Dutta and Manipuri by Arun Yumkhaibam.


2. Brahma Ratha: 

Another play which got immense appreciation not only from Telugu audience but also from Manipuri.  It has been translated into Manipuri language and performed number of times.  The play is quite interesting as it opens in Brahma Loka (Divi) and the incidents unfurl onto the Earth (Bhuvi).  The drama is based on a sanskrit sloka, which was wrongly interpreted and implemented by the sub-ordinate staff of Brahma.  The result was horrible! Narada, who is a wanderer of all the lokas, happens to see the skull of the victim.  Narada, quite contrary to his presumed nature in the puranas as rift monger- assumes the role of a reformer and takes the side of the under privileged people.  With his protagonist and philanthropic attitude Narada brings the injustice being done to the voice less, helpless and hapless people to the notice of Lord Brahma.  Brahma also realizes the mistakes committed in the name of Fate and abolishes the system of Fate and declares that man should be the creator of his own destiny.


Mr. Budha Chingtham after watching “Laibakki wa (Brahma ratha) wrote in Sangai Express on 3-10-1989 why there was a huge gulf of difference between the fates of man and man.  He asked whose creation was it? It showed that obnoxious corruption has been harming the fate of the people.  Keeping the revolutionary slogan for equality in mind the drama has been written.  He makes contemptuous fun of the Indian political culture, rampant corruption and the gulf  between man and man.  The focus is on the hapless and down trodden sections of this society in his play called Brahma ratha”.


The play was translated by Dr. L. Biswanath Sharma and directed by Mr. M.C. Thoiba for Baniyan Theatre of Manipur.


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