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This book has 2 dramas

1. Ruthwik :

The play had won ‘Telugu University Literary award’ in 2002.  It was also prescribed in the syllabus as Indo-Anglian Literature for MA students in AU to teach them an inevitable need for ethical living in the modern context.  Ruthwik, a saint, is the central character who satirically, highlights the evils of the society by interluding in the main story, at appropriate places.  Ruthwik is the one who performs yagna.  In this play, the writer compares human life with yagna and laments that the prospects of yagna (yagna phala) are unfortunately not enjoyed by man.

Manmada Rao, a corrupt officer accumulates wealth with all the malpractice on earth and becomes a prey to the greedy of his daughter, son and lastly his wife too.  Finally he realizes! But alas! by that time life comes to an end. Watching all this Ruthwik says “Spiritual outlook is not something which you can safely postpone till old age.  It should be cultivated from childhood itself, even before that, when one is still in his/her mother womb.  Yes – it is true! Abhimanyu learns how to enter Padma Vyuham from his mother’s womb! Prahlada also learns Narayana Mantra when he was in his mother’s womb!


The play has been performed number of times in the nook and corner of the state and gained acclaim from the audience, critics and the media.


2. Kalakootam:

It is an important largely acclaimed play of Vizai Bhaskar.  The title of the play has mythical relevance and it is used as the symbol to signify the state of the people in Indian democracy.  Kaalakootam is the venom which emerged from the ocean at the time of Sagar Madhan (churning of the ocean) by Gods and demons.  Lord Shiva drank this Kaalakoota halahalam and protected the universe from extinction.  He also held that deadly poison in his throat instead of swallowing it lest he would also be affected.


Protagonist, in this play, Sri Rajaramdas realizes that the Indian electorate are also holding the evil deeds of the leaders which are more poisonous than Kaalakootam in their throats, like Lord Shiva, with maximum levels of forbearance and opens their eyes to the truth and urges them not to hold the venom for a long time for it kills them.


The play is revolutionary in experimentation and through this play many new techniques were introduced on Telugu stage.  It captured number of awards including ‘Andhra Nataka Kala Parishad’ award which is considered very prestigious platform of all Drama competitions.